Frederick Dubique

As “chief volunteer”, the president works with the board, members and community to further the organization’s mission. The president is accountable for the organization’s policies & procedures, financial & legal situation and strategic plan. The president is the spokesperson to the larger community; speaking on behalf of the organization and advocating for the cause. 

The president is also responsible for appointing Executive Board members, assigning committees and recruiting new members whose vision aligns with the organization.

Vital to the success of the organization, the president sets the agendas which focus on social functions, fundraising and community visibility.


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Vice President

Darious Polydore

As a top executive, the vice president is responsible for the financial and operational success of the organization. Working with the board of executives, the vice president plans, develops and enforces policies and objectives of the organization. He ensures that the goals set by the president are met.

The vice president creates public awareness initiatives and ensures the organization is visible to the community. 

His accountabilities include overseeing and maintaining the financial budget. Ensuring compliance with state and federal guidelines. Allocating funds and ensuring financial stability.

The vice president is also responsible for preparing operational & financial reports to communicate the organization’s status to the executive board.




Ellie Laronde

The secretary is accountable to the executive board and is responsible for maintaining the organization’s records. 

The secretary’s accountability include:

  • Record minutes of meetings

  • Maintain membership records

  • Ensure that a current copy of the bylaws is available

  • Manage the general correspondence of the organization

  • Provide items for the agenda as appropriate 

In the event that the secretary is unavailable, certain duties can be delegated to the executive members, board members &/or committees as appropriate.


Tel: 281-438-7135


Bil Bruney

The treasurer works with the executive board to draft and approve the annual operating budget as well as budgets for the organization’s activities such as our annual gala, annual picnic and newsletter. 

The treasurer’s accountabilities include:

  • oversee contractors hired by the organization

  • create a simple budget, keep a general ledger, make bank deposits and write checks

  • give the board a status update on the organization’s financial shape

The treasure is a voting member of the board and is required to attend board meetings.


Public Relations Officer


The public relations officer is the spokesperson of the organization; who consistently engages with the media and major donors to effectively communicate the organization message, long-term objectives and successes. The PRO helps craft the public image of the organization by gaining favorable media coverage. 

The PRO’s accountability include:

  • conduct regular media outreach

  • participate in interviews on behalf of the organization

  • prepare press releases 

  • design and execute promotional campaigns

The public relations officer’s main focus is to cultivate a positive public image and promote the organization’s successes.



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